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If you know where your uvula is, you might be astounded to hear that it can actually be pierced, but that’s exactly what a uvula piercing is. For those who don’t know, the uvula is that dangling extension of tissue at the back of your throat, right in between your tonsils. Since there are no official names for this piercing other than a few pieces of regional slang common to the US and UK, the piercing itself is normally simply called “uvula piercing.”

The uvula piercing is one of the more dangerous piercings a person can get, because of the potential for gag reflexes kicking in during the piercing process.  Due to its sensitive nature, it’s highly recommended that those who get a uvula piercing go to an expert piercer, if possible, one who has done this type of piercing successfully before. Other suggestions for minimizing risk include practicing how to subdue the gag reflex, and doing several dry runs with piercing clamps in which the piercer will mimic the pressure to the uvula that would be experienced during actual piercing.

The first known uvula piercings were done by piercer Jon Cobb in the mid 1990’s, and since that time a rash of urban legends has come into existence concerning many false risks involved in actually having the uvula pierced.  For the most part, the only major issues concerning health and piercing of the uvula are infection and depending on the person, snoring.  The uvula moves around quite a bit during swallowing actions of the throat, but as a part of the oral/digestive anatomy, it’s commonly removed and holds no major nerves.  Aftercare for uvula piercings may include gargling with salt water, and occasional cleansing with a toothbrush, and the jewelry generally worn is circular barbells and captives.

If you haven’t heard of uvula piercing or thought it was a hoax, it’s probably due to the many false rumors circulated about it.  It’s mysterious, slightly dangerous, and the subject of countless tall tales, which probably makes it one of the coolest piercings you may have never heard of.

  • P

    Back in the mid 90s I took a friend to John to get his frenum piercing. He was in NYC at the time I believe it was on Houston St. it was a long time ago so it’s hard to remember exactly. I had my tongue, two genital piercings and multiple ear piercings. But I still reacted like, holy shit!, when he showed the uvula piercing. I still think about that over twenty five or so years later.

    Pauly on

  • J

    I remember reading an article on Jon Cobb in a tattoo magazine back in 1995 or so, in which there was a picture of him with the uvula piercing. Actually, I still have that mag around somewhere. I’ve thought about getting one, but thought better of it.

    Jan Griffiths on

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