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It’s New Years Eve, and whether it’s out on the streets or in the club, anything goes.  We’re saying bon voyage to the 2011 year with a fashion tribute to all of the outrageous style that this night of the year promises.  So without further ado, here are some of the coolest and craziest things that you might just catch a glimpse of as we usher in 2012.

Rainbow Rink

Street-smart skater meets rowdy rainbow punk in this fun mish-mosh of Holiday style.  How you’ll know it when you see it?  Traditional skate brands will be intermingled with grunge styling, unisex accessories, and vibrant color.  The ultimate tip off: skater t-shirt plus cocktail wear topped off with rainbow coloring and unisex shoes.

Kiddie Chic

Awkwardly childish accessories and motifs come together with sporty style for an interesting new look.  How you’ll know it when you see it?  Cartoons or Disney brands will be paired with athletic wear and child-like hair styling.  The ultimate tip off: varsity jacket plus kid’s hair accessories with stylized sneakers and tattered tights.

Beach Bomb

Unseasonable beachy attire pairs with gently retro bombshell styling for something deliciously Katy Perry.  How you’ll know it when you see it?  Boustiers and bikini separates will be mixed with neo-retro accessories and decidedly summery motifs.  The ultimate tip off: bikini top plus retro hairstyle with a spicy old Hollywood cover up and beach worthy accessories.

What will YOU be rocking this New Years Eve?

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