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If you’ve been mulling it over, now is definitely the time to start fresh by changing your look with that piercing that you’ve been pining over, and to drive this 2012 fashion decision home, we’re here to help with a brief overview of some popular piercings and the data that you’ll need to make an informed decision.  Let’s continue.

If you’ve been thinking about a bridge piercing: The bridge piercing is great for those who are looking for a fresher alternative to eyebrow or standard nose piercings.

Tid Bit: This piercing will naturally draw attention to your eyes, so if you’re looking to show off beautiful baby blues, browns, or greens, this one’s just the ticket.

What you should know: The bridge is technically a surface piercing, although much of the time it’s done using a flexible bioplast barbell rather than a surface bar.  As a surface piercing, there’s slightly higher risk of rejection, but if properly cared for, initial healing should take about 12 weeks.  Using makeup around a new bridge piercing is not recommended as it may cause infection.

Pros: If you’re worried about pain, the bridge piercing is nice, because due to its placement, there’s minimal risk of swiping, jostling, catching, or otherwise bumping the jewelry during healing.

Hold off if: You prefer glasses to contacts. For those who need vision correction and prefer a pair of glasses, the placement of this piercing creates a less than comfortable situation. It’s best to trade in your specs for a set of softies for at least the first month.

If you’re thinking about a tongue web piercing: Tongue web piercing, also called a Marley, is like a neat little secret that no one will know, and when you do show it off it’s definitely a conversation starter.

Tid Bit: The “tongue web”, or frenulum linguae, is the part of our oral anatomy that allows humans to speak.  For this reason, some spiritualists believe that piercing it will cause the wearer to think more about what they say and aid them in self expression.

What you should know: Tongue web piercings carry a higher risk of rejection than standard tongue piercings, but aftercare includes the same components (rinses with salt water or special mouthwash), and healing time is relatively quick at about four to six weeks.  Horseshoes, captive rings, and curved barbells can all be worn in a tongue web piercing.

Pros: The Marley is literally completely hidden, so if you like piercings but aren’t allowed to have them visible at work, it’s the perfect option.

Hold off if: You’re a smoker. Smoking significantly raises the risk of infection for this type of piercing, so it’s recommended to use electronic cigarettes for the first few weeks after getting one because they deliver nicotine through harmless vapor instead.

Stay tuned for more informational overviews of popular piercings that you might just take the plunge for in 2012. Bye for now!

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