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Sparkling clean white is the new holiday mainstay, tangerine is the new cocktail party black, but what about those normal days when you’re just rockin' it casual? You know, the other three hundred or so days of the year?  Well to beat the Winter fashion blues, there’s one way to be sure that every time you step out, you’re stepping out in style. Color.

Winter is no longer reserved for quieted pastels and lackluster deep neutrals.  The new style for a cold climate is upbeat, fun, and riddled with vibrant hues.  Just ask one of our favorite superstars, Lady Gaga. One of the greatest things about Gaga, aside from her awesome sound and ridiculously cool stage shows, is her year-round exploitation of the bright and brilliant colors that make Summer Sweet and Winter Hot.

For some of us, our hair or eyelids are a canvas, and anything (and I mean anything) goes, but the rest of the population might be looking for a slightly less permanent or time consuming solution to dousing the color blahs.  For daily wear, one of the easiest ways to spice up any frosty outfit is of course with your accessories, and concerning jewelry in particular this season, brights and neons are a hot ticket.  Plus, the best part about coloring your world with the extras is that there’s no confusing coordination required. Just pick one or two power pigments that work well together, and you’re out the door.

Some of Gaga’s most notable stand alone hues that can be embraced into everyone’s cold weather wardrobe? Fuschia purple, honeysuckle pink, electric blue, canary yellow, and brilliant mint green.

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