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Capricorn: December 22nd to January 19th

Willful, clear headed, and detail oriented, the body jewelry wardrobe of a Capricorn may seem minimalist, but this is because an eye for quality is an important feature of this sign.  There may not be a wide diversity of pieces here, however, each one will be well made, versatile, and probably purchased at an amazing sale price! Tried and true classics and visions of simple elegance are the name of the game, so even bling will generally be paired down to a very classic style. Piercings will usually be simple and chic as well, with piercings of the ear cartilage, nostril, and navel being fairly common across this sign.

This month, Caps will be focused and have their eye on the prize, but with so much to do in terms of attaining goals, it’s important to schedule in top priorities first, including aftercare for any piercings that are less than six months old.  For those who have been thinking of a new piercing, this is the perfect time, as Capricorns will be feeling particularly daring and independent, and are likely to succeed in any endeavor they throw themselves into.

Jewelry Helping Hint: New opportunities at work may present themselves this month, so to keep the look of facial and ear piercings polished, now is a good time to invest in small matching solitaires for the nose and ears.  Gently iridescent aurora crystal studs send the message that you care about maintaining professionalism, but don’t shy away from your creative side.

Lucky jewelry number for 2012: 2

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