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Time for another edition of the Steal The Style! This time we’re featuring two modern takes on some vintage looks.

For the girly girl (maybe with the mouth of a sailor), dress up a classic navy striped outfit with sea friendly themed body jewelry. Anchors away, my friend! If you’re feeling risky, add a bit of red in there to really pull the whole nautical theme together with a punch. There’s so many ways to play dress up with stripes. Need some inspiration? Look no further…

If you’re more of a classic rock, laid back, jeans and a t-shirt woman, you’re in for a treat. Body jewelry goes great with that whole rock ‘n roll look. Whether you’re trying to go full on rocker, or keep it a little more hipster, black and gold body jewelry is an awesome way to accessorize your look. Tie is some steampunk gears for a unique twist, or dress up your septum with something sparkly and… well, black. Rock on! We think you get the idea, but in case you don’t…

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