BodyCandy Custom Tongue Rings

by Body Candy

You’ve seen our custom belly rings, but did you know we also sell custom tongue rings?

Made from surgical grade stainless steel and ready to be customized with your initials or a photo. Want something other than a plain silver barbell? We offer black and rainbow anodized titanium coated options as well. And the best part? They’re only $11.99.

Shop custom tongue rings now!

by Body Candy

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  • A


    Hey Brandy,

    Happy to help! If you want a custom tongue ring, follow the link below:

  • B

    Brandy Perry

    How can I make my logo into a cutsom rain boy tongue ring ?

  • A

    Alley (Body Candy Team)

    Hi everyone!

    We have lots of options when it comes to customizing tongue rings – here’s one of our many options:

    Simply follow the instructions on the page for a customized tongue ring :).

  • L

    Lacie Spry

    How do i make coustom. Body jewelery

  • J


    I’m getting my tongue pierced and I wanted to get a custom one. I’ve seen some that are a pill capsule but I actually want to get a Percocet with the engraving and all. Think it will be possible

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