Sparkling Punch: the New Face of Glitter for Fall

by Lorna

Today I’m going to talk fashion about something I really love, and personally feel is highly underrated: glitter!

Pierced woman wearing gorgeous glitter

For anyone who lived through the 90s, or even (gulp) the 80s, you might feel like glitter is a been there, done that, who needs the 57 showers you’ll need to take to get it off kinda deal.  But in the second decade of the 21st century, glitter has become so much more than an annoying fashion semi-faux pas and best friend to twelve year olds.  The new face of shimmer is more adult friendly, more skin friendly, and far more interesting.

Belly Button Rings with Glitter

This fall, for example, glitzy jewelry is making an extreme comeback, and with super-saturated colors at the forefront of accessory fashion, the mix is downright mesmerizing.  Take Autumn’s “It” colors: red, blue, and grey/silver.  Even on their own these power hues are pretty intense, but add a hyper dose of sparkle, and they become the amazing finishing touch to anything from formalwear to skinny jeans.

Different Styles of Glitter Ear Plugs

And the very best part about it is that you get to rock out with some glam glitter that won’t take three days to get off.  Some of the most popular ways to wear it?  Glittering belly rings, multiple sets of matched glitter ear jewelry, and glittering cocktail rings.

Cocktail Rings with Glitter

So take some time this Fall to reacquaint yourself with your long lost childhood friend the glitter bug.  I guarantee it’s a friendship that will last a lifetime.

by Lorna

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