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Amongst the rain and mud, it’s hard but you can still look fashionable.  Color is so important for Fall, and the rich, vivacious colors popular this year will bring your outfits to life.  It’s easy to make use of color to create combinations for the unique look you desire.

The best part about the Fall season is that you can wear comfortable, everyday clothes, and spice it up effortlessly with jewelry.  You don’t need to go on a shopping spree for an expensive new Autumn wardrobe; just play around by adding some vibrant earrings, necklaces, body jewelry, and rings to a simple outfit.  Depending on your style, there are always plenty of choices that are totally chic.

This season it’s all about the warm persimmons, garnets, cherries, and safflowers.  A simple black sweater and jeans can be transformed to a totally trendy look in a matter of seconds with colorful baubles.  Mix and match antique styles, feathers, and other Fall toned items.  Try to stay away from neons and go with deeper, richer tones, and if you can’t decide, look outside!  The natural colors of changing leaves are a reminder of what’s in right now.

Turquoise is another fun Fall worthy color that can completely change your look.  Natural blues and greens mixed in with that turquoise hue is very flattering, especially for brunettes, and they’re easy to find in rings, plugs, bracelets, and more.

Big statement earrings are also a must have.  They can transform your face by making the nose appear smaller, bringing out your eye color, and creating body and movement.  Long chandelier or feather earrings are a part of the bohemian look that’s definitely on trend right now, and as a bonus they look great whether your hair is down or up.  Gold is also very popular right now.  More and more people are drifting away from silver and polished steel and sporting gold tone jewelry for Fall.  The best thing about earrings is that they never go completely out of fashion, so keep that collection growing!

A real fashionista knows how to make the same outfit look completely different just with the jewelry they choose to wear.  So next time you need to change up your favorite Fall outfit (like those leggings, tall boots, or scarves that you don’t want to take off) always remember that accessories are an easy and playful solution, and have fun with Fall fashion!

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