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The inspiration for this season’s biggest trend is 1960’s metropolitan London. The same spirit of the youth culture and swingin’ fashion is alive and well with the Modern Mod revival that is currently in motion. Since the 1960s the term “mod” was used by the media to describe anything in pop culture that is highly fashionable, overtly hip, modern, or innovative. New York City in the 1960’s also quickly became a Mod Mecca in the United States. The last great mod revival was in the early 1980’s in Southern California.  Well guess what, its baaaack! This is a trend that I am excited to say is being revisited!

Now the mod movement is hitting high fashion runways, specialty boutiques, and department stores everywhere! In fall 2011 and winter 2012 collections, designers borrowed many of the era’s hallmarks. Mod is a no-frills and streamlined approach to fashion. For now forget about the ruffles and fringe and go for crisp clean pieces that really make you stand out in any social situation. The brighter the better! Highly saturated primary colors are rich and very classic with this retro inspired look.

A common accessory, and vehicle, for Mods and Modettes was a motor scooter! Scooters were seen as an escape from a poor upbringing, better than public transportation, and epitomized the freedom of youth and self expression. Scooters are easy to pimp out and were often customized. My household is living proof that Mod is back, both of my roommates drive scooters! This ultra-hip form of transportation does not ruin your clothes like a motorcycle and is more cost efficient than a car. With such high gas prices it’s economical to drive a scooter; that way you can save your money for more important things like a fashion addiction! Scooting also led to the need for fun, warm coats, riding gloves, knit hats, and scarves to protect fancy clothing from the elements. Whether it’s a loud color, a graphic pattern, or unusual shape, fabulous Mod outerwear is a simple way to rev up your style and fight the weather.

In the social climate of the first generation Mod subculture, hedonism was king. There were countless all night clubs in both London and New York that were filled with fashion obsessed youths to prove it. The music scene consisted of soul, ska, and British beat music. It was important to be known in the scene and have a different look for every party. The fashion obsessed youth fed into consumerism, spending their disposable income on clothing and accessories. Newspaper stories from the mid-1960s focused on the mod obsession with clothes and how they would suffer for fashion. Many would forgo buying food to invest in attire. Expensive French and Italian suits were worn by both men and women of the era. Modettes wore short haircuts, sometimes subdued makeup and men’s suits. Androgyny is a term used to describe those who are not clearly masculine or feminine. Today we use gaunt, androgynous-chic models to compliment these same Mod styles.

The two biggest poster children of the hyper-cool, rebellious, sexually revolutionary, Mod Generation were of course Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick. Twiggy was most famous for her boyish locks, rail-thin figure, and lush eyelashes. It is rumored that she wore at least three pairs of fake eyelashes to get that very dramatic effect. Twiggy’s adolescent body shape was exactly what the androgyny obsessed designers of the day were looking for! The fashion icon often donned minimalist unisex designs.


Edie Sedgwick was a little bit louder with her style approach. She was the infamous Andy Warhol’s muse and the original downtown hipster chick. Her signature short hair looked fabulous with oversized statement earrings. Her knee high boots and short hemlines were scandalous in the best way possible. When she was at the Factory people stopped to stare!

The attention grabbing Mod trend makes a splash in any social situation. The most important elements of this style include but are not limited to pop art prints, black and white patterns, giant sunglasses, flower power, boxy silhouettes, ultra-short mini skirts, short hemlines in general, tailored suits and skinny ties, knee-high boots, color block designs, structured knits, funky printed tights, stripes, geometric shapes and patterns, cape-like details, and big, bold statement jewelry. Unique body jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings with attention-grabbing shapes and styles can add that perfect finishing touch to even the simplest of Mod outfits. Check out these hot, Mod inspired goodies!

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