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In the modern, consumer-driven world, it seems only natural to orchestrate our celebrations for Halloween and then delve straight into the holidays.  But in doing so there’s something wonderful that we all might be missing, like the whole season of Fall!

The month of November isn’t just for Holiday sales and getting your shopping done early, it’s also for enjoying all that Autumn has to offer, and taking a moment to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, giving thanks for all that we have and all the great things that have happened to us in the past year.  So how do we slow our lives down and really appreciate the beauty of changing leaves and Autumn warmth?  By decorating our homes, and our bodies with the motifs of the moment.

Fall fashion isn’t just about what’s in on the runway and what’s filling the stores.  The best way to celebrate a season of nature, abundance, and friendship is with seasonal items that really speak to what you personally enjoy and what moves you to live in the moment.  My personal favorite Fall accessory (besides a knit cap that seems glued to my head) is the statement earring.

Over-sized dangly earrings that show off rich Fall colors or seasonal motifs are just what the doctor ordered for a time of the year when ears are just about the only thing that goes uncovered.  Switching up a nose ring to something new and different, like a shaped sterling silver stud or a deeper, more vibrant gem tone, is also a great way to celebrate the changing weather.

Distinctly Autumn motifs like owls, leaves, wolves, apples, pumpkins, and feathers can all be lovely additions to a wardrobe too.  Try a necklace that compliments your favorite scarf, or a pair of plugs to offset your favorite sweatshirt.  As long as the design makes you think of something beautiful that you love about the season, your jewelry will serve as a constant reminder to enjoy the moment.

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