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faking it with cheater plugs

Love the look of stretched lobes but don’t have the time or effort to put into the process?  You can still get the look that you’re after, without ever having to size up.  You just have to be willing to cheat a little.

This is a cheater plug;  an awesome invention that allows its users to fake the look of stretched ears.

cheater plugs/faux plugs

It basically consists of two large ends with a thin post that goes directly through the middle.  One of the ends unscrews for easy insertion, and then screws back on once the post has been pushed through.  You get to keep your regular, small gauge ear lobe piercing, but the post is hidden safely inbetween, so nobody will be able to tell.

 cool faux plug body jewelry

The ends can vary in size and style, but usually fake the look of a 0, 00, or 1/2″ diameter plug.  Cheater tapers are available too, to mimic the look of both straight and spiral taper plugs.  They operate on the same principle as their cylindrical cousins, and also come in a variety of styles.

 faux taper plugs

To use cheater plug jewelry you should have a fully-healed, standard lobe piercing, and follow the same aftercare rules as normal.  A mirror tends to help the first few times putting them on too.  For more about cheater plugs and faking piercings or stretches, check out this video on the BodyCandy YouTube channel.  And don’t worry about the cheating; we won’t tell.

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