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Shopping can be loads of fun, but how can you be sure that you’re getting a good deal?  Well in the spirit of National Splurge Day today, we’re going to share with you a few tricks of the trade that’ll help you choose between when to splurge, and when to substitute. Ready?

Nose Rings

white gold fishtail nose ringsolid white gold l-shaped nose ringstainless steel l-spaed nose ring

Splurge- When you’re ready to splurge on a high quality piece of nose jewelry, the way to get the most bang for your buck is to go for an artisan-crafted solid gold piece in what’s know as “fishtail” style.  This is an item that’s long and straight, because it’s made to be taken to your expert piercer and custom fit to your unique nose.  Fishtails are far too long to be worn as is though, so only get one if you’re planning to go for the custom bend.

Steal- Buying the same type of solid gold artisan nose jewelry but already bent into an l-shape or screw can save you some dough, and for those who’ve never had a problem with fit, this standard-sized item should do the trick with the same quality but less cost.

Substitute- If you like the look of a particular piece of white gold nose jewelry but can’t afford the price tag, polished surgical grade stainless steel is a great way to fake it.  The item won’t have the same high quality as a handmade solid gold piece, but it will be durable, and at the lower priceline, you won’t have to feel bad when it’s time to trade up.

Belly Rings

solid yellow gold cz belly ring24kt gold plated cz belly ringyellow anodized titanium gem belly ring

Splurge- Solid gold belly rings are definitely a luxury, and when you buy with a big ticket, you’re paying for high quality gold and expert craftsmanship.  It’s a good idea to have at least one top shelf belly ring in your arsenal, especially for those who have nickel or lead allergies.

Steal- To get your gold on without breaking the bank, just go for an item that’s gold-plated.  In these pieces, a sturdy surgical steel or titanium core is coated in 24kt gold, giving the intense brilliance and look of real gold, but for sometimes as low as ten percent of the price.  And with the same secure prong setting and genuine cubic zirconia, it really is an amazing bargain.

Substitute- If you want a golden look but don’t want to spend because you’re super active and tend to give your jewelry a rough ride, then why not substitute with golden yellow colored titanium?  Knock out the prong setting in favor of a flush press fit and downgrade your cz to a regular gem, and you’re getting the look of luxury for a bargain basement price.


organic iron wood rose plugorganic handcarved wooden rose plugsacrylic black blooming rose plug

Splurge- For those who are serious about both style and the health of their stretched ears, organic wood is an excellent option.  With a sturdy but light rose wood core and a gorgeous black iron wood rose, the quality of our splurge piece is easy to see.

Steal- To downgrade without giving up on natural luxe, switch to a one-wood design and opt for a slightly smaller and less complicated bud.  These beauties are still organic and hand-carved, but with a little bite taken out of the price.

Substitute- If you love the look of an ebony bloom but don’t have your heart set on organic materials, you can get a very similar look by switching to good old acrylic.  At a fraction of the cost and a bit less upkeep, it’s still a pretty sweet pick.

Want to learn more about what body jewelry’s made of?  Then check out our Body Jewelry Materials category, and happy shopping!

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