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Watch as the lovely Lulu gets a fun new septum piercing.  Look for the needle insertion at about 37 seconds.

First the piercer cleans the entire septum and nostril area thoroughly, and then he uses his fingers to find the exact area where the piercing should rest.  There’s a specific bit of flesh that rests just below the actual cartilage of the nasal septum that’s known as the “sweet spot,” and this is where the piercing should be done.  (So a septum piercing isn’t actually meant to go through the septum cartilage itself, but rather just underneath.)

 a septum piercing being performed

Next, the spot where the needle should go through is carefully marked, and a pair of forceps is clamped on to align the tissue.  The hollow piercing needle is pushed through and corked, then chased with a staple-shaped septum retainer.  As with all piercings, the entire area is cleaned once more, and then our heroine is ready to rejoin the world with the addition of an awesome new mod to show off.

 a new piercing of the nasal septum

Septum piercings will require aftercare that’s similar to that of other facial piercings, and will take approximately eight to twelve weeks for initial healing.  Full healing should occur at around the six month mark, but can take up to a full year depending on the individual.  This type of nose piercing can be performed in multiples, stretched, and sometimes even pierced a second time through a healed stretched fistula, which is generally called a septril.  A variety of jewelry styles can be worn in the septum too including curved barbells, BCRs or other circulars, septum clickers, and a host of different retainers.

 clicker style septum piercing jewelry

For more cool up-close piercing videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and remember, a safe piercing is a happy piercing!

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