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sweet spot or septum piercings

Septum Ring- any of many pieces of body jewelry worn in piercings of the flesh located directly beneath the nasal septum, often called “the sweet spot.”

Septum Piercings:

 regular, double, and stretched septum piercings

Several variations of the septum piercing exist, including multiple piercings, stretched piercings, and rarer combination piercings such as the septril and nasallang.

 septril and nasallang combination piercings


Standard septum piercings are generally cared for in the same manner as most common piercings, with some combination of gentle cleansings and sea salt soaks.  In this more difficult to submerge area, the use of cotton pads or pre-mixed sprays is often employed as an alternative.  Avoidance of makeup, nasal spray usage, and heavy smoke inhalation are all encouraged along with getting adequate rest, and taking extra care when clearing the sinuses with tissue.  Most septum piercings will show initial healing within approximately four to eight weeks, but high amounts of movement and nasal runoff can make fully healing this type of piercing a little difficult, sometimes causing it to take several extra months.  Persons who have persistent nasal allergies or chronic sinus inflammation should avoid this type of piercing altogether.

Septum Ring Styles:

Several different types of jewelry can be worn in the septum piercing including circulars (BCRs, horseshoes, etc.), specially shaped jewelry (tusks, mustaches, pincers…), septum retainers which come in a variety of materials and shapes, and even small curved barbells if the anatomy allows.

 specialized septum rings

Those who stretch their septum will often wear plugs made of natural material, such as bone or animal horn, but regular steel eyelets are also common.  One of the more recent stars in septum adornment is a more ornate piece referred to as a “clicker,” which mimics the look of the traditional Indian nathori, a decorative circular item worn in many tribal septum piercings in the region.

rose gold plated body jewelry

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