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romantic jewelry fit for a princess

Even us modern, multi-tasking maverick women sometimes dream of a fairytale life and a precious Prince (or Princess) Charming to match.  Even if you’re already heavily attached, there’s no harm in the daydream of a fabulous, luxe romance.  So here are just a few of our favorite pretty things that are fit for a princess and her magical wardrobe.  Take a look:

Crowning Glory

Every pretty princess needs three things to rule: intellect, attitude, and the best looking crown on the block.  Whether you feel posh in pink, royal in rose gold, or prefer to keep it simple and understated, there’s a crown out there that’s waiting for a future queen like you.  Just add it to the rest of your wardrobe of bling to let everyone else know that the throne is officially occupado.

fun crown themed body jewelry

Floral Finery

Nothing says beauty like a blooming posy and these flushed flowers are at the top of their game.  In your ears, in your hair and everywhere, there’s no better way to let potential suitors know that this pastoral damsel is ready for her closeup. Pair them with a flirty frock and tousled tresses for a look that’ll make all your subjects’ hearts flutter.

fancy rose florals for every damsel

Wings of Love

Any budding romance can feel like a fairytale as long as you know when to spread your wings.  Let angels guide you (and your fashion sense) for the perfect touch of feminine sweetness.  Bare your belly, adorn your earlobes, and get ready for a long and lovely reign.  When you look this good, having a king is optional.

sweet angel wing body jewelry

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