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beautiful anytime gifts for her

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and everybody’s looking to get in on the love, but there doesn’t always have to be a reason for romance.  Little gifts that are given “just because” make an awesome and relationship-cementing impact.  So here’s a few of those sweet little treats that are great for Valentine’s time or any time.  Feel the love.

 organic wood ear hangers

Floral items are a great girly gift year round, especially when real posies are completely out of season.  Instead of a flower that’s not long for this world, why not opt for a lasting organic token?  Organic wood hangers come in plug style and earring style, so no matter how little or large her lobes are, there’s something sweet and feminine to tickle her fancy.  Choose from fancy roses, antique style locks, floral swirls, and more, for a tasteful gift that’s almost as pretty as she is.

 pink gem body jewelry

Instead of flavored chocolates that come in a heart-shaped box, an alternative that still incorporates soft, girly pink is sure to get an amazing payoff for thoughtfulness.  By getting glitzy jewelry for her favorite piercings, you’ll show that you’re thinking of what she really wants.  And who can resist an extra touch of bling?  Don’t be surprised if these sweet little sparklers result in some impromptu PDA.

 chain connector ear jewelry

If your pretty pierced sweetheart is the fashion-forward type, then look no further; these fun chain dangle connector earrings will become her new favorite thing.  Shiny, feminine, and definitely on trend, the only problem she’ll have is deciding which one to wear first!  Nothing pierced except for her lobes?  No problem; there’s even chain earrings that connect to an adjustable cuff.  Perfect for those who want to capture the look of a cartilage chain, without the commitment of the extra piercing.

 sterling silver nose jewelry

For honeys who love all the finer things in life, a sterling silver nose ring is the perfect balance between swank, and not breaking the bank.  Choose from styles with textural striping, rhodium plating, shimmering gems, and a variety of fun and fabulous shapes.  Whether it’s date night, or any night, it’s never a bad time to make her feel showered with love.

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