Rising Stars of Modern Piercing: the Finger Piercing

by Lorna

Location: On any one of the fingers, most notably the ring finger.  Usually on the back of the hand near the base of the finger, on the largest phalanx (where a ring would normally sit).

 dermal piercing of the index finger

Alternate Names: Finger surface piercing, ring piercing.

Piercing: The finger piercing is normally performed as a surface piercing, but can also be done as a single point dermal piercing.  Because the finger is lacking in excess flesh, some consider it slightly more painful than a standard surface piercing, and it generally takes just a tad longer to perform due to the necessity of proper placement and depth.  When using a microdermal anchor, a dermal punch may be used rather than a needle. styles of finger piercing

Aftercare: Because the hands see so much movement and traffic, a finger piercing will take a little longer than average to heal, with initial healing at closer to twelve weeks and substantial total healing at around six months to a year. During the first few weeks it’s recommended to avoid hand lotion and make use of sea salt soaks as with other surface piercings.  Due to the constant opportunity to be knocked or yanked, rejection and migration rates are slightly higher than with other piercings, but healing without incident is entirely possible.

Jewelry: Surface bars are generally used, but due to the curvature of the finger, flexible bioplast barbells and even small curved barbells have been successfully worn.  For those who pierce the underside of the finger, a large diameter horseshoe may be worn to give the illusion of a ring.  When performed as a dermal piercing, microdermal anchors and interchangeable tops are most successful.  Skin divers may pull out too easily, and transdermal placement is more difficult to accomplish.

 flexible biocompatible curved barbell body jewelry

Prevalence: Surface piercing is estimated to account for approximately two percent of piercings in those ages 16 to 29 living in the United States.  This number plummets below one percent in persons above that age range.  The finger piercing has grown substantially in popularity amongst young women in particular, as it often gives the appearance of a piece of jewelry generally worn almost exclusively by females:  the cocktail ring.

by Lorna

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