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By now everyone has probably heard about the two Snow White films set for release this year, one starring girl next door Lily Collins as a sweet, more traditional princess character, and the other starring gothic beauty Kristen Stewart as a re-envisioned Snow with battle armor and an iron will. But in the fabulous world of fashion, the Snow White theme has seen more than just it’s share of tween imitations and grocery store rouge sales. Just take a look at what popular culture has done to couture.

Several of the now well known characters from both motion pictures have been imitated across runways this Spring, citing modern updates on a very classic type of beauty. A perfect example: evil queen Charlize Theron.

Starring opposite Stewart as the classic formidable foe, Theron was styled in several photos both leaked and released with a dark and silvery smoky eye and neutral (though obviously lined) lips with a prominent bow. The look was given a once over across top fashion weeks in New York, London, and Paris.

Equally visible was the correlation between youthful runway styling and promotional photography of the lovely Lily Collins, who, true to the Snow White aesthetic is seen with a berry stained lip, nude eyelids, and dark lashes.

This, in varying degrees is summed up nicely in shows from David Koma, Uniqueness, and Bill Blass.

Last but certainly not least, we have Stewart’s Snow White, which opted against tradition for a less saturated rosy lip accented by soft, mossy tones on the eyes, serving to deepen the actress’s stare.

A look spread across runways in New York, Milan, Paris, London, and several others cities.

And designer styling isn’t the only field growing accustomed to the popular fairy tale influence. Since the official confirmation of both films’ impending work in 2011, several product campaigns have featured Snow White, whether as a direct or indirect muse. Many of those spreads also starred other celebrities, like Katy Perry’s turn for GHB in which she posed as both Snow White and the evil queen.

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