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Who She Is:

You’re likely to have met her working in your local coffee shop or sitting in your favorite independent book store, but wherever she is, she’s noticeably beautiful.  Prone to long, natural hairstyles and minimal makeup, her piercings and jewelry may be the stand-out feature of her style. Doe-eyed and graceful, her general look is romantic and ethereal.

What She’s Wearing:

Anything made of natural materials, and the more organic and unstructured shapes the better.  Favorites are fur (though it may actually be faux), feathers, natural stone, organic woods, dusky metals like copper, and woven leather or suede.

Perfect Pick:

Shamballa bracelets. Feminine and spiritual, Shamballa style bracelets fit perfectly with the modern folk aesthetic and give the look of natural stone. The style is inspired by Buddhist folklore and the unique adjustable design means they can be layered for a nomadic/eclectic look.

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