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different types of eyebrow rings

There are three basic styles of eyebrow piercing jewelry: circular barbells, straight barbells, and curved barbells, with the latter being the most commonly worn in most areas.

eyebrow jewelry styles

Those who do their initial healing with a barbell may find it difficult or impossible to switch to a circular down line, and vice versa, so it’s good to know what style you prefer right off the bat.  Once you know that, you’ll want to find out your exact size, and simply go from there.  Circulars will be measured with a gauge size (thickness) and a diameter, while barbells will have a gauge size and a length.

sizing eyebrow piercing jewelry

Quick Tip: For barbells that are curved, length is still measured as the distance straight across from the base of one ball to the other, and not loosely along the curve.

meauruing curved bars for length

Dangle eyebrow rings are also available, along with pieces featuring other subtle variations in style, such as spikes or dice instead of balls.  To ensure that these more complex items are worn well, be sure that you get a nice snug fit, and always know your materials to avoid skin issues.  Eyebrow rings will generally come in a variety of hypoallergenic options including 14kt gold, titanium, bioplast, and more.

hypoallergenic eyebrow ring jewelry

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