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cool creepy body jewelry

All Hallow’s Eve is imminently upon us, but there’s no reason the rest of the year doesn’t deserve some creepy attention too, so with that in mind, get ready for some fantastic freaky staples that will take you through Halloween time, and into any time.

These creepy crawlies may look a tad menacing, but encased in clear resin they give stretched ears a very vintage taxidermy-like je ne sais quoi.  Stingless, biteless, but definitely not frightless.

creepy bug resin plugs

Performers get a dose of vintage style glam, with monochrome shades of sparkling glitter.  Afterall, the show (and the shimmer) must go on.

glamorous silver glitter jewelry

Show all of your admirers that when you play with fire, you might get burned.  Flames in stunning brilliant reds meet shining steel for a match made in Halloween-worthy heaven.

sweet flame body jewelry

Hoops are where it’s at for Mischief Night mayhem, but they’re just as good for when you feel like hanging around, and these high-shine little beauties will turn all eyes on you, just like a circus.

shining retro nose hoops

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