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Getting ready for Halloween?  So are we, and we’ve got the body jewelry goods for all of your popular costume needs.  Check it out.

Whether you go as a full-out Catrina, or just adopt some Day of the Dead makeup secrets, a bevy of blood red roses is just the thing to add a touch of Latin flare.

red rose Catrina jewelry

For ghostly glamor with classic appeal, a pinch of pearl is where it’s at.  Luminous bone and cream solitaires add a splash of extra ephemeral glow to the countenance of any Halloween-time ghoul.

ghostly white pearl jewelry

A bit of blood is all well and good, but believable vampires can benefit from some romantic gothic touches.  Dark vintage baubles hint at immortal origins and give voluptuous vamps a spark of va-va-voom.

vampy Victorian gothic jewelry

Gold is a pretty pirate’s favorite accessory, but skulls and bones will be your new best friends once you feast your eyes on this creepy crossbone booty.

pirate skull and bones body jewelry

Lovely little sorceresses can work all kinds of magic, and no mortal is a match for these shiny bewitching moons.  Time to take flight across the night.  (Enchanted brooms not included.)

bewtiching moon body jewelry

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