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For those who are unfamiliar, when a set of piercings (a set meaning two or more) are done around the lip area, they’re often referred to in simple terms as “bites.”

 bite lip piercings


Snake Bites– a set of two lower lip piercings; one on each side of the mouth.

snake bite lower lip piercings

Spider Bites– a set of two or three lower lip piercings close together on the same side of the mouth.

 spider bite lower lip piercings

Angel Bites– a set of two Monroes (upper lip piercings); one on each side.

 angel bite upper lip piercings

Dahlia Bites– a set of two piercings; one at each corner of the mouth, so as to appear in the relative placement of cuts made at the lip corners of the infamous Black Dahlia.

 dahlia bite lip corner piercings

There are many different kinds of bites, each with a particular reference (usually members of the animal kingdom).  More of these include the dolphin bite, shark bite, t-rex bite, cyber bite, and canine bite.

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