Piercing and Body Jewelry Trending: Following the Pattern

by Lorna

The Trend: patterned body jewelry.

Popular Items: marble, two tone, plaid/tartan, hearts, stars, music notes, florals, and playing card suits.

 navel rings with fun patterned designs

Wear It With: solid white, red and black pieces for playing card suits and mystical, cosmic or “gypsy” stylized patterns for music notes.  Pair plaid jewelry with retro motifs (like cherries) and mix hearts and stars with denim and coordinating colors.  Florals will look great with simpler prints like polka dots or pinstripes. Marble works well with just about everything, but concert tees are a definite favorite.

If We Had to Pick One Piece That Perfectly Embodies This Look: it would definitely be these adorable retro floral tapers.  Mix it up with a polka dot blouse and some leather cigarette pants, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

 cute retro patterned taper plugs

by Lorna

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