Celebrity Piercings We Totally Love: Rihanna’s Tragus Piercing

by Lorna

singer Rihanna wearing tragus stud

Rihanna’s tragus piercing; isn’t it cute?  The singer generally wears a small diamond or cubic zirconia stud in the piercing, which is often coordinated with larger studs or long dangle earrings in her lobes as shown here.  (She has two ear lobe piercing on each side, by the way.)  Occasionally she leaves her second lobe piercings empty, but you’ll usually see them worn with a matching stud nowadays.

 cute little star ear tattoo

So what’s makes Riri’s ear piercings so special?  Aside from always being fashionably bejeweled, she also has an adorable, small but simple ear tattoo of a little star outline just under the upper helix of her left ear (the opposite as the tragus piercing).

photography sourced via WGSN

by Lorna

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