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temporary tattoo art around the eyes(source: WGSN)

Just when you thought the temporary tattoo craze was played out, along comes a beauty trend that breathes new life into the world of temporary body art: the eye enhancing tattoo.

The idea here is to mix temporary tattoo art with colorful eye makeup for a sweet and stunning look that gives an extra dose of glam.  This year many of the major beauty companies have come out with face decorating kits that include anything from pre-made press on tattoos, to glitter paints, stick on jewels, and colorful hypoallergenic makeup pens, but doing a little DIY both seriously cuts your costs and makes your eye art volumes more unique..

 Temporary Tattoos

Tattooing and color art around the eyes has infiltrated every aspect of beauty and fashion from runway styling to music videos, and it’s easy to see why.  The natural attention given to the eyes makes for an absolutely gorgeous look, and gives everyone the excuse to play a fabulous fairytale character without having to wait for Halloween.  Some of the more prevalent motifs common to this trend include hearts, stars, paint splashes, tribal designs, and florals, all of which are perfect for a hot night out on New Year’s Eve.  And the eyes have it.

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