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There’s very few things we love more than stretch mods, but hanger style earrings and plugs are one of them, whether it’s a night out on the town, or just hangin’ around.

 stirrup style hanger earrings

Stirrups are perfect for the unstretched ear piercings of the world, and they work with a variety of fashion styles.  Whether you go Western, bohemian, goth, or any of the many fun alternative looks in between, a little extra zazz never hurts.

 sweet lightning tapers

And for getting the attention of everyone in the room, all you need to do is let lightning strike twice.  We heart these fun little lightning shaped tapers almost as much as their brilliant bright colors.

 sirl and spiral hanger style plugs

And our final hanger style love: spirals and swirls.  A broken heart never looked so sweet!  For more of the fun fashion body jewelry that we love, check our Staff Picks, and have a happy, fashion-forward new year.

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