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She’s not just the most pierced person in the world, she beats everyone else by a few thousand! I’m talking about the colorful, vivacious, and fearless Elaine Davidson.

Elaine was born in Brazil, and started her adult life with a career that most would never suspect. She was a nurse. Starting in the 1990s she began getting her piercings, and by the year 2000, Guinness was officially acknowledging her as the world record holder for Most Pierced Woman.  In subsequent years, her collection continued to grow, coming to include piercings of every type, from dermals, to surface piercings, vertical lip piercings, and stretched mods.

Elaine often wears very colorful makeup and hair, and likes to incorporate elements of her native Brazil into her styling.  She has also spent time in Australia, and has listed Aboriginal face and body painting among her aesthetic influences. Although rarely featured as much as her piercings, she has tattoos as well; a beautiful floral design that covers most of her upper body and legs.

Over the years she’s adopted an amazing alternative skill set, including styling of makeup and hair, along with application of hair extensions and dreadlocks (which she herself often wears), and traditional shamanistic performance art like laying on a bed of nails and fire walking. It also bears mention that, in opposition to the traditional view of piercing and tattoo culture, Elaine is completely straight edge.  She doesn’t smoke or drink, and lists her only vice as Coca Cola.

In June 2011, Elaine married her un-pierced boyfriend, Mr. Douglas Watson, and the two currently reside in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.  She still makes public appearances and has opened her own shop called Tropical Rainbow that sells body jewelry, leathers, and specialized clothing and performs tarot readings, fortune telling, and alternative hair services.  At last count in 2011, she had almost 7,000 piercings.

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