Alternative and Gothic Fashion Now: the Raven

by Body Candy

Who She Is:

A gothic goddess whose favorite color is black. Prone to dark hair and doll-like pallor, this girl next door turned goth next door has a penchant for drama in her wardrobe, balanced by a very feminine sensibility. Think of her as the new, fairy tale romantic.

What She’s Wearing:

In a word, feathers. Particularly those that are dark and have a slightly unnatural edge, like ebony, jewel tones, and stark perfect white.  Any feathers will do though, as long as they fit the aesthetic, and a little dose of kitsch never hurts either.

Perfect Pick:

This fabulous set of pierced earrings does just the trick. Coal colored feathers accented with brilliant watery edges dangle over six inches long for a dose of simple drama that compliments organic gothic beauty to a tee.

by Body Candy

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