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Yearning for hot spring style that’s a little more user friendly?  Here we take some of the funnest trends in alternative fashion from the Spring 2012 runway, and translate them into jewelry style that can be worn the real way.

Let’s start with one of my personal favorites, statement cartilage earrings.

Variations on this theme hit the runway worldwide in spring/summer collections, but some of the most interesting were at Jean Paul Gaultier. The styles there were metallic, simple, and you can easily get a similar feel with a single helix cartilage earring, which takes the fuss out of the well-traveled look.

Next, we move onto the Bollywood chic trend.

On the runway, this style was seen featuring insanely gorgeous statement necklaces, intricate Indian style headpieces, and earrings that blew beyond statement straight to super lux. In the real world, though, most of us don’t have the cash or stamina for a look that’s so involved.  And that’s exactly why there’s chandelier belly rings. The combo of a bare midriff and an ornate belly dancer-esque navel ring puts just enough Bollywood into a strategic ensemble.

Finally, we come to the retro pinup plastic look.

Although enamel, acrylic, and lucite were everywhere, some of the funnest examples of this trend were the sweet bracelets and necklaces at Anna Sui.  Using the very rockabilly palette of cherry red, ebony and white, the style is actually surprising imitable. Using the red heart and dice motifs sparingly is the key, and the perfect way to rock it is with labret or monroe studs.

Now all we need before spring can officially begin is sunny weather and margaritas.

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