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 ball labret monroe rings

Regular ball studs are arguably the simplest of labret/monroe piercing jewelry.  They consist of a metal or bioplast backing with a flat end, and a ball of some type that either screws on or pushes in.  For everyday wear, the ball stud is a great choice, particularly in a universally flattering hue such as steel, black, or blue.

 gem and crystal labret monroes

Gem studs are a slight step above a standard ball.  They include the same style post, but with a ball, prong setting, or bezel setting containing a decorative gem.  These types of simple jewelry will come in a variety of sizes to ensure a proper fit.

 decorative stud lip rings

Embellished studs are good for special occasions or short term wear, and can include a variety of gems, metals, and more intricate designs.


 titanium BCRs

The standard ball captive ring is often worn in lower lip piercings, particularly sets of piercings such as spider bites or snake bites.  This type of jewelry is composed of two parts: a ring with an opening, and a dimpled ball or bead that fits into that opening to secure the item in place.  Captive balls can be made out of metal, acrylic, or natural stone, and may be embellished with gems or designs.

 horseshoe circular barbells

The horseshoe circular barbell is exactly what it sounds like: a horseshoe-shaped ring.  A ball, spike, or decoration screws onto either end to hold the barbell in place, and the look of the jewelry makes it ideal for lower lip piercings.  Like BCRs, horseshoe rings will come in a variety of sizes, so knowing exactly what diameter you’ll need is vital.

 segment style captive rings

Segment rings are very much like captive rings, but with a slightly larger opening and no ball.  Instead, the piece that’s used to secure the jewelry is tube shaped, fitting perfectly into the ring’s opening to give the illusion of a solid hoop.  Segment rings make beautiful lip jewelry, but due to their sleek design, opening and closing them properly can take a small amount of practice.

 lippy loop labret jewelry

Specialty jewelry pieces called “lippy loops” are also great for lower lip piercings, and unlike most circular jewelry, are made specifically to be worn in the lip.   Their unique shape provides a comfortable fit, and as such they can be worn for long periods of time.

There are many different looks that can be created with different lip jewelry, and the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.  So why not try a type of jewelry you haven’t worn before?  You might discover a style that’s almost as unique as you are.

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