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cute and creepy haunted house style

(Sung to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”)

There is a haunted house in town (in the town)

Where all the walls are tumbling down (tumbling down oh)

Where the cobwebs hang and the window shutters bang

And all the creatures gather round (gather round)

Where the bats and cats and witches keep the skeletons in stitches

As they sip their spider cider in the haunted house

They’re there, they’re there, they’re really there (really there)

Watch out, be careful and beware (oh beware oh)

Don’t you trick or treat or you’re the one they’ll eat

When the moon shines on the haunted house (haunted house)

(source: The Wonderland Singers “Spooky Halloween,” 1974)

When the Moon Shines on the Haunted House

 gothic haunted house style decor

When a Halloween haunted house is in mind, deadly decor can only add to the ambiance.

All the Bats and Cats and Witches

 cute Halloween characters

Haven’t had your fill yet of Halloween’s best spooky characters?  Neither have we, and in honor of the innocent and harmless haunted house style fun, we’ve upped the killer cute factor considerably.

 cute and creepy Halloween character jewelry

Sipping Spider Cider

 deadly drinks

Kooky cocktails?  Yes, please.  Just remember to sip responsibly, because these devilish drinks pack a poisonous and ghastly punch.

 deadly martini belly rings

Be Careful and Beware

 protective crosses and talismans

For those who seek protection from the evil that fills those haunted halls, a talisman is the ticket to putting the mind at ease.  And what better iconography than the trusty gothic cross.

 pretty gothic cross jewelry

Trick or Treat Ball

 black on black formal wear

Picture a black ball, hosted by Dracula and housing a feral and deadly guest list.  Here nothing is more appropriate than a black on black dress code.

sleek black body jewelry

Fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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