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a Tim Burton exhibition entranceTim Burton exhibition gateway (source: WGSN)

Just say the name Tim Burton, and literally everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock the past twenty years will know what you’re referencing.  For members of the modified generations though, the work of this master imagineer has had an entirely palpable impact on our lives.  When we think of alternative beauty and fashion, the world would never be the same if our darker sensibilities hadn’t been brought to life in his characters, and whole new worlds created where the strange and exotic become sought after rather than outcast.

worlds created by Tim BurtonTim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie posters (source: WGSN)

This influence is particularly felt this time of year, as the season of darkness and magic falls upon us, and Halloween is the perfect time to pay a little tribute.

Sally Halloween CostumesTim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas movie poster (source: WGSN)

Sally style belly button rings

If you’ve been thinking about going as a Burton character, it’s never been easier to transform through the use of theatrical makeup, clever costuming, and meaningful accessorizing.

Emily Halloween CostumesTim Burton’s Corpse Bride movie poster (source: WGSN)

Corpse Bride style banded rings

And don’t forget that being pierced or tattooed just adds to the truth of your character.  If there’s one thing that we all love about the fantastical personalities created by Tim Burton, it’s that no matter what they look like, they all come across as astoundingly human.

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