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celebrating Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Today is Make Your Dream Come True Day, and what a wonderful offbeat holiday it is.  Dreams, goals, and aspirations are common to every human being on the planet, binding us all together as a wishing, hoping species.  So to celebrate this once a year opportunity, we’ll start by making some of your fashion dreams come true.

Head in the Clouds

What’s the first thing you see when your head’s in the clouds?  Rainbows of course.  Better than birds and bees and jet planes, the rainbow represents the sunny side of rain and gloom.  So wear it, share it, and keep on dreaming, because even if there isn’t a pot of gold at the end, everybody’s imagination deserves a little extra color.

 fun rainbow and cloud themed belly jewelry

A Fantasy World

Who says your life can’t also be a fairytale?  Intelligent civilizations around the world have believed in fairy folk for centuries, and with all that reverence for the spirits of nature, there has to be a little truth to their magic, even if it is only fashion magic.  Sparkling gems and shining silver lend themselves perfectly to a little modern day fairy dust, and if you follow your dreams you can be your own fairy godmother.

 shimmering fairy body jewelry

Make a Wish

Blow out the candles and make a wish, because it’s time to wear your cake and eat it too.  Just take all that sweetness and bring it into your life.  Dream big, make things happen, and never forget that with a little ambition (and the right jewelry) even the stars aren’t out of reach.

cute cupcake body jewelry

Happy Make Your Dream Come True Day!

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