Body Jewlery Update: Good with Wood

by Lorna

benefits of wooden plug body jewelry

We all know that wooden body jewelry looks cool, but did you know that there’s other benefits to wearing wood?  In stretched piercings, organic wood jewelry is ideal because it’s naturally porous.  The pores in the material allow the lobe fistula to breath, reducing the odor that so often accompanies stretching, and allowing the skin to eliminate excess moisture before it builds up and causes chafing or discomfort.  On top of that, wood is lightweight, durable, and reacts well to the natural oils that the skin produces, extending the life of the item itself.  Ornate wooden tapers or hanger plugs are the perfect way to wear this great natural trend, adding a simple but beautiful extra touch to any outfit that they’re paired with.  Just pick a motif that fits your style, and let the fringe benefits begin.

organic wooden ear tapers

by Lorna

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