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the modified generation and hot tea

It’s no secret that the pierced and tattooed community has the hots for that wonderful beverage called tea.  In fact, the month of January is Hot Tea Month, and around the western world people are raising awareness and educating about the many benefits of tea.  Green tea has been used as a weight management tool, and contains a healthy dose of toxin-fighting antioxidants, while studies have suggested that regular consumption of black tea contributes to better oral and coronary health.  Herbal teas are caffeine free, and also pack a powerful antioxidant punch, and several other types of tea have successfully been used to treat pain and indigestion.

America’s obsession with coffee is gently waning in the 2010s, whilst tea, its accoutrements, and it’s British roots have all become popular in modification culture.  Tattoos, of heritage china in particular, are exploding onto the body art scene in a plethora of styles, sizes, and influences.  Even jewelry baring teapots, biscuits, cakes, and all manner of cups has been growing exponentially in popularity and availability.  The great thing though amongst all this retro tea-centric fashion is that the actual drinkingof tea has risen substantially as well.  Just one more thing that makes the modified generations amongst the most health conscious in modern recorded history.

 celebrating Hot Tea Month

So arrange your cookies, break out the good china, put on the kettle for a comforting cuppa, and join your fellow modified men and women in celebration by drinking, inking, wearing, and sharing all things tea.  Happy January!

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