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decked out holiday fashion

Christmas Crystal

 gorgeous festive crystal fashion

The most glamorous way to deck the halls is with sparkling Swarovski crystal, and it’s also the chicest way to deck holiday ears.  Even those who aren’t pierced have chilly little lobes this time of year that can benefit from a little bit of extra sparkly attention.  Ice and snow never looked so hot.

 holiday earrings with stunning crystal

Floral Finery

 flowery Christmas style

Poinsettias, wreaths, and gold garlands, oh my!  What’s good for the halls and walls and the fireplace mantle is good for the wardrobe (not to mention the soul).  Christmas magic has a way of happening when least expected, but sometimes it’s just as well to create your own mistletoe magic.  After all, even Santa has helpers.

 cute mistletoe and holly jewelry

Silent Night Lights

 shining holiday light style

The best thing for a holiday that’s cool, calm and collected?  The effortlessly festive beauty of a string of Christmas lights, no replacement bulbs required.

 holiday light bulb body jewelry

fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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