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 Personalized Gifts

Looking for a gift that’s extra special?  Then custom or personalized jewelry might just be the perfect solution.

For the Pierced

Nothing is cuter for Christmas than stockings and santa hats, and even sweeter than those are personalized stockings and santa hats.  These adorable belly rings can be customized with a word or name for that special little touch that makes them unique to the recipient.

 holiday stocking and santa hat belly rings

For a more chic gift that gives a little sparkle, crystal birthstone items are the way to go.  These are perfect for mothers, daughters, sisters, and of course significant others (a great way to make them feel extra significant).

 custom birthstone navel rings

For Those Who Don’t Have Body Piercings

Those who aren’t pierced can still take advantage of specialized birthstone items with a sweet handcrafted touch.  Bracelets of all different styles make it easy to cater to your giftee’s particular taste too, for an item that’s truly custom made just for them.

 custom personalized bracelets

If your recipient is a jewelry minimalist, a pair of personalized earrings is a great choice.  Choose from custom text or engraving, full color photo pieces, crystal, shell, lettered beading, and more.

 custom personalized pierced earrings

Who said that finding a unique holiday gift had to be stressful?

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