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Ever see a piercing, tattoo, or piece of body jewelry that makes your jaw drop?  All of us have, but we still felt the need to point a few out, so here we are with a brand new photo file: darn that’s neat.

Sweet Stretch

 cool stretch mods

multiple stretched ear piercings and large gauge stretched septum piercings aren’t ridiculously rare, but they still deserve attention, because darn do they ever look cool.  Score one for anyone who stretches.

Awesome Ink

 neat tattoo art

Whether it’s a really sweet and interesting design, or just occupies a pretty neat area of the skin (like the forehead hearts or behind the ear super stars), a cool tattoo is worth a thousand words.  (And sometimes also a thousand bucks!)

One Sided

 cool asymmetrical body piercings

A single row of cheek dermals, a one ear stretch, and a lonely single-side dimple piercing: all pretty darn neat.  Symmetry in piercings is a delightful style, but the look of a completely one sided arrangement is far less common and just as cool.

Random Acts of Awesome

 amazing unique body piercings

Clockwise from top left: eyebrow dermals, clusters of ear cartilage piercings, dental gem, awesomely split tongue, and hyper helix piercings (12 in all with a 13th hole left empty).  You’ve gotta love the interesting, the rare, and the unexpected.  For more random acts of awesome, join us on Pinterest.

some fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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