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Need help getting into the spirit of the season?  Then why not counteract some of the holiday frustration and freak-outs with another cute little F word?  We’re talking (ahem) about fun people.

Like if you have a rhino piercing, you can go a little Rudolph just by changing out your average spike or gem for a pretty, festive ball tip in a shade of lovely red.  Other nose piercings can benefit from a little holiday exchange too.

 festive red body jewelry balls

Or if you have a tongue piercing, let everyone know that you’ve been catching snowflakes a-la-Charlie Brown with a shimmering icy aurora gem.  This is equally cute for lip piercings (Ashleys and Medusas especially).

 shimmering aurora gem barbell tongue jewelry

Even if you just have a regular old ear piercing, some glowing icy studs can turn you into a snow queen.

 fun light-up stud earrings

And if your ears have been stretched, a little peppermint imparts a huge dose of holiday spirit, complete with the sweetness of a candy-like swirl.

 sweet swirling peppermint candy holiday plugs

For more fun jewelry ideas, check out our superfly Pinterest page.

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