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mens holiday gifts that rock

We all know what guys really want for Christmas: food, football, and recognition for being the man of the house.  Well, the food is definitely up to you, but maybe we can help with the rest of those things.

Nothing says recognition for bringing home the bread like a sweet (but manly) token of your affection that’s designed to help him hold some of that dough.  Featuring high shine finishes with gold or rhodium plating and neat detail engraving for some extra flare, these cute little money clips are just the right mix of cool and classy.

 classy high shine money clips

Now let’s move on to that other thing: football.  If your guy would rather give up his vacation pay than miss a single game played by his favorite team, then it’s definitely time to alert the rest of the world to his fandom.  Enter the NFL bracelet.  Choose your team, choose your style, wrap accordingly, and watch as his eyes light up while he opens it.  Touchdown!

 NFL Football chain bracelets

And last but not least, if it’s been a while since he put a ring on it, maybe it’s time for a little upgrade.  After all, two rings are bound to be better than one, and the pinky ring is a symbol that says your man is the man.  So take a cue from Diddy, Jake Gyllenhaal, and the Biebs, and give the guy a teensy little style step-up.

 stylish mens tungsten band rings

Holiday mission: accomplished.

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