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hazy hot late Summer fashion

Beautiful Dreamer

 the stuff of sweet daydreams

Just like in the sixties, today’s daydreams are filled with butterflies and flowers, sailing, sunning, and pastels.  Another thing that’s stayed the same?  The beach is still the perfect place to show off some stunning hoops.

 sweet sparkling ball hoop earrings

Sun and Sand

 beachy retro fashion

Whether you choose to go modern or retro, or a mix of the two, there are three things a girl needs to brave the sand: a hot swim suit, a high SPF, and a kickin pair of flip flops.

 personalized flip flop sandles

Summer Slumbering

 Summer rest and relaxation

What do you dream about in the desert heat? Sometimes the best part of Summer is doing nothing at all.

Daydream Goddesses

 vintage Summer style icons

When we talk about daydreams, it’s only polite to give credit where credit is due.  Case in point: a special tribute to three of the sweetest girls of Summer.  A fun way to show your fave style icon some love?  Getting glitzy with a piercing that bears her name.

 gold plated labret monroe studs

Hangin’ in the Neighborhood

 stuck in the suburbs

Stuck in middle suburbia?  If you can’t break the monotony with mischief, at least your ears can live outside the box.

 retro pattern straight tapers

Soaking it in

 enjoying the end of Summer

Daydreaming can be a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth the attention to detail, especially since Summer won’t last forever.

All fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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