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Are you a fan of fun factoids about beauty and body modification?  Of course you are!  Aren’t we all?  Then stayed tuned, because we’re about cure that curiosity.

 alternative culture

Most Pierced Person in the World

 Elaine Davidson most pierced woman

The most pierced person is the world is Elaine Davidson of the UK.  Elaine has so many piercings (rumored to currently be over 7,000) that she’s not only the most pierced person currently, but also holds the title of person who’s had the most piercings over the course of his or her lifetime.  Score one for us ladies!

Most Tattooed Person in the World

 full body tattooing

Most tattooed person has actually changed several times since the nineties, but this title is currently held by an Australia native named Lucky Diamond Rich, who reportedly has literally 100 percent tattoo coverage and then some.  That includes the inside of his ears, his lips, eyelids, and a few other tender places usually passed over for tattooing.  Youch!

On a softer note, the most tattooed senior citizens (and likely coolest grandparents ever) are Isobel Varley and Tom Leppard of the UK.  Isobel has several piercings along with her 93 percent ink coverage, and Tom has an amazing 99 percent of his body tattooed.  He used to hold the record of most tattooed person in the world.

Tiniest Corseted Waist in the World

 tiniest waist ever recorded

The world’s smallest waist currently belongs to US native Cathie Jung, who can achieve an insanely tiny 15 inches while corseted.  The distinction of smallest waist ever recorded however, belongs to Mrs. Ethel Granger (now deceased) who achieved an astounding 13 inches while laced.  The only other woman to ever hit that number was famous Parisian performer Polaire, whose measurements were never conclusively recorded.

Longest Fingernails EVER

 longest fingernails on record

The longest womens’ fingernails on modern record belonged to Lee Redmond of the USA and measured an astounding total of over 28 feet!  Unfortunately, Lee lost her awesome nails in 2009.  The current record is held by a woman named Chris Walton, who has reportedly been growing her 19.75 foot nails for approximately 18 years.  The longest nails ever actually belong to a man, Melvin Booth, whose nails came in at 29 feet and 8 inches.

Longest Hair

 long haired woman

Unbelievably, the longest naturally growing hair ever recorded belongs to current record holder Xie Quiping of China, and measures an unbelievable 18 and a half feet!  According to Xie, she has been growing her hair since 1973, when she reached the age of 13.

Most Extensive Scarification

 tribal scarification

Due to the nature of tribal art, this title belongs to a specific set of tribes, rather than a single person.  Those tribes are the Tiv and the Nuba, both residing in West Africa (in and around Nigeria).  In these tribes, it’s the women who bear the decorative scars, usually created to commemorate social or physical milestones.


source: Guinness World Records

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