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rockin body jewelry

Cutting It Short

 cropped hairstyles that show off ear piercings

Are you ready for back to school?  We definitely are, and the only thing hotter than a new short do is the endless stream of earrings that are ready and waiting to be displayed out in the open on those freshly exhumed lobes.

 earring bonus packs

Animal Magnetism

 rockin animalistic prints

Nothing beats a sweet print or pattern for injected some much needed life into those boring study halls and between class slumps.  Snake skin anyone?

 animal print ear plugs

Dark and Deep

 black on black style

Kelly Clarkson isn’t the only who gets away with showing off her dark side.  A little black on black is the perfect compliment to your inner punk, all the better when beefed up with some spikes or sparkles.

 black glitter jewelry

Devil in the Details

 edgy detailing on clothes and accessories

The devil may not really be in the details, but the edginess is.  Feathers, mirrors, studs, spikes, and a hint of hot color are just the thing to release your inner rock star.

cheater tapers

All fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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