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monochrome fashion

If you’ve ever seen a black and white film, you’ll be aware of the magic that can come from monochrome.  This isn’t just reserved for your neighborhood goth; it’s a matter of fabulous fashion for everyone.

 cool monochrome styling

From makeup to t-shirts, formalwear to home decor, the modern take on monochrome is blissfully alive with texture, embellishment, and unexpected variation.  Quirky details and lavish blends of medium take black and white from ho-hum to wholly fantastic.  One of the funnest ways to rock a little high-contrast?  Pump up your inner punk with some too-sweet spikes. Pair with pleather, velvet, or brocade for the ultimate in high-drama dressing.

spiked stretch bracelets

All fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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