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Did you know that there’s actually a body piercing that goes underneath the bone?  How about that there was once a man who could pierce himself right through the middle?  I promise it’s true, and we’re about to serve up the cure for curiosity.

 curiosity about deep piercings

Q: How deep does the deepest body piercing go?

 piercing under the clavicle bone

A: Amazingly, there is actually one piercing that goes under a bone and penetrates the body cavity before exiting on the other side.  It’s called a “sub-clavicle piercing,” and it does exactly what it sounds like, going underneath the clavicle from one side to the other.  The sub-clavicle is the only existing piercing that penetrates the body cavity and has been successfully performed on multiple individuals by more than one artist.  It might look really cool, but it’s also really risky, and very few modification specialists will perform this one, so even though it goes without saying, don’t try this at home.

Q: Has anyone ever done a piercing all the way through their torso?

 healing scar tissue

A: Actually, technically, yes.  Hard to believe I know, but in the 1940s, there was really a man who pierced himself multiple times through the chest with the help of an assistant.  His name was Mirin Dajo, and he was the first man ever to perform this type of public sideshow, laying the groundwork for extreme piercing performance troupes today.  Though it was never proven, the only scientific explanation ever offered for Mirin’s ability to survive this is that he literally healed a fistula of scar tissue through his middle similar to the way that people heal stretched ear piercings.  As long as the sword pierced through the already-existing fistula every time, it would miss every major organ and pass through safely.  Unfortunately, we’ll never know for sure, because Mr. Dajo died in 1948 after swallowing a needle during his act.

Extreme?  Definitely, but amazing nonetheless.

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