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sea siren fashion

At one time or another, almost every girl has wished she was a mermaid.  And now that we’re a little more adult, the allure and sensuality of the seaside siren still carries on a grown up appeal.

 siren styling

Soft and delicate mermaid-esque styling hit the runway in 2011 and 2012, and there are a few common threads of oceanic beauty that make it easy to emulate the look.  Sea greens and blues hit big across the board, not just for makeup and nails, but hair, accessories, and body art as well.

 temporary body art

Another good tip is to take inspiration from mermaid and water sprite folklore in popular culture.  Long, beachy waves, glossy pouts, and gems or sparkles on the cheeks are all common favorites.

mermaids in film and art

For those of us who have piercings around the cheeks or lips, the glittery facet is especially easy to create.

 body jewelry replacement balls with glitter

Last but not least, the addition of little touches that play on the ocean origin of water dwelling creatures is a great way to keep things fun and fresh.  Think fish scales, watery ombre fades, underwater flora, and iridescent crystals.

 watery fashion

Now that you’re primed and primped to perfection, you’re ready to make the most of those last weeks on the beach.  Just remember to go easy with the siren song if you’re chilling close to the harbour.

irridescent aurora body jewelry

Fashion photography sourced via WGSN

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