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Hey, piercing fans! Check out our latest interview with Body Candy team member, Tara. Here she talks about her labret, septum, and dimple piercings, and tells us all a little something about safety and proper aftercare. Here we go:

BC: Hey guys.  I’m Kelsey from BodyCandy dot com.  Today we’re here with Tara, and we’re gonna talk about her piercings.  Hi, Tara.   How are you?

Tara: Good.  How are you?

BC: Good.  So, what piercings do you have?

Tara: I have my septum, my labret, my dimples, and my nipples.

BC: Alright.  And you also have your ears gauged too?

Tara: Yes I do.

BC: What size are they?

Tara: I’m currently at five eighths, and I’m working my way up to three fourths.

BC: Cool.  How long did it take you to get to that size?

Tara: It took me about a year and a half to two years.

BC: Alright.  And you plan on going bigger?

Tara: Possibly.

BC: Alright.  How old were you when you got your first piercing, and what was it?

Tara: I was eighteen when I got my labret done.

BC: And how about your most recent piercing?

Tara: That would be my dimples, which I just got last Friday.

BC: Oh.  So they’re still healing?

Tara: Yes, they’re still a bit swollen.

BC: How long do they take to heal about?

Tara: It takes about eight to twelve weeks.

BC: Oh, okay.  So that’s a little longer your labret piercing, or any other piercing?

Tara: Yes, most other piercings take around four to six weeks.

BC: Alright.  That’s good to know.  Alright.  Do you have any interesting stories about your piercings?

Tara: Yes, actually, um, I used to have to wear a nose retainer for my septum, and it would fall out while I was sleeping.  So, one morning I couldn’t find it, and a week later, I ended up sneezing it out.  (giggling ensues)  I had no idea it was in my nose.

BC: You didn’t know the whole time?

Tara: No.  No idea.

BC: Alright, well, what do you like about all your piercings?

Tara: I just kind of like the way they accent my features.

BC: Alright.  Yeah, they look good on you.  And what about cleaning your piercings?  How do you clean different ones?

Tara: Uh, with most piercings, most piercers will tell you to use a mixture of sea salt and warm water, which you can use a small shot glass to hold over the area.

BC: Okay.

Tara: And the difference with that is, you would want to clean them more often, which will make them heal faster.  But with my dimple piercings, I have to use an anti-microbial soap, only twice a day, or it will dry out the puiercing.

BC: You don’t wanna do it too much then right?

Tara: Yes.

BC: So that’s a big difference between that.

Tara: Yes.

BC: Alright, well do you have any advice for someone who may wanna get any of these piercings?

Tara: I would say, definitely wait until you are eighteen years old or whatever the legal age is in your state to get a professional to do it.  I know it’s very tempting to wanna do it sooner, but safety is very important, especially when you’re dealing with your skin and the possibility of infection.

BC: Right.

Tara: And as far as gauging your ears goes, I would say take your time and wait for your skin to be adjusted to the new size.  I know it’s very exciting to go up to the new jewelry.

BC: The new size, yeah.

Tara: But you don’t wanna blow out your ears or cause any permanent damage.

BC: Alrighty.  Well, thank you for coming in.

Tara: Thank you for having me.

BC: You’re welcome.

Wanna steal Tara’s look?  Just grab some stainless steel jewelry for your labret, monroe, septum, dimples, or whatever!

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