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In our last article about the meanings and folklore of natural semi-precious stones, we covered them alphabetically A through L, and today it’s time to complete the equation.  Some of the beliefs and notions concerning powers or vibrations held by natural stone and crystal aren’t just interesting, but have been held for generations and are actively practiced by experts in the fields of crystal healing, meditation, and homeopathy or other alternative therapies.  Here they are M through Z.

Moonstone– Is often called the stone of wishes, as it regulates those things that fall into cyclical patterns, clears obstacles to luck, and opens us up to psychic awareness and control of our emotions.

When to wear it: while caring for the sick, while gardening, or when you’re feeling clumsy (the belief is that moonstone removes obstacles and promotes gracefulness)

Astrological signs:  all signs in the zodiac, but especially water signs

Obsidian– Is said to help change bad habits, discover good qualities or talents, and protect against physical harm.

When to wear it: to keep your thoughts positive, when starting your own business, and after injury (amazingly, snow flake obsidian in particular is believed to lessen pain from injury, arthritis, and restless leg syndrome, at least, those are it’s recommended uses in alternative therapy and homeopathy)

Astrological signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Onyx– Is sometimes known as a “grounding stone,” and is believed to impart strength and tenacity, assist in emotional closure, and repel negativity.

When to wear it: in confusing situations, while travelling, or before seeing your dentist (it’s seen as being a comfort factor when faced with unfamiliar places and is said to aid in treatments concerning the teeth)

Astrological signs: Leo

Opal– Is thought to connect inner beauty to outer beauty and to draw in good luck

When to wear it: to complete tasks quickly and quietly, and when working on a computer fro long periods (opal is believed not only to safeguard the health and sight of the eyes, but to allow those who wear it to go unnoticed by others…spooky)

Astrological signs: Libra, Aquarius, and Scorpio

Birthstone for October

Red Serpentine– Is supposed to aid in attracting wealth, protect from physical harm, and promote cleanliness of mind for meditation

When to wear it: during yoga practice and on hikes (folklore states that serpentine helps protect against bites from snakes and other venomous or poisonous creatures)

Rose Quartz– Is called “the stone of love,” and is said to promote feelings of forgiveness and understanding, and to attract and nurture love of friends, family, and significant others.

When to wear it: after a fight with a friend or spouse, while painting or making art, and when you get breakouts (many cultures believe that rose quartz aids in beautiful skin)

Astrological signs: Taurus and Libra

Birthstone for January

Tiger’s Eye -Is known as a stone of balance, and is thought to assist in alleviating anxiety, gaining and maintaining wealth, and creating harmony.

When to wear it: during periods of transition, when buying a car, and anytime you go out at night (it’s thought that tiger’s eye helps with night vision)

Astrological signs: Capricorn

Turquoise– Is believed to protect, heal, strengthen, and bolster creativity, calmness, and communication skills

When to wear it: all the time!  Turquoise is venerated in legends the world over for it’s many protective, strengthening, and enhancing qualities, and is used in traditional jewelry of Native American, Oriental, and Mediterranean origins.  It is believed to boost imagination and natural health in all areas of life.

Astrological signs: Sagittarius

Unakite– Is said to promote spiritual connections of all kinds and to encourage growth

When to wear it: when gardening and during pregnancy (it’s a common belief in crystal healing that unakite promotes health during and immediately following pregnancy)

Watermelon– I supposed to promote open-mindedness and creativity, and to help relieve stress

When to wear it: during periods of high stress, when harvesting vegetable gardens, and if you’re starting out a new health and fitness regimen (the common theory is that watermelon stone improves heart health allowing athletes to achieve better results)

Astrological signs: Scorpio

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